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Hello to my UoPeople classmates!
My name is Ilia Salamatov
This is my web-site
created specially for UoPeople CS 2205 week 2 assignment.

Since I have some web-development background,
I would share some of my recent work to you.

Normally, I use Tilda CMS to create my websites. It is similar to Google Sites in basic principles but more comfortable for me to make this homework. Also, most of my projects are in Russian. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I am not expecting that you will read texts.
Just try to enjoy the technologies I used to create them.

Take a quick tour on my website to learn more about me and my projects.


- Realty catalogues
- Online booking services
- Web sites for sales
- E-commerce
- Landing pages
Work experience
- IT director
- Project manager
- Web designer
- Marketing manager
- Startup manager
- Project management
- Startup launching
- Web design
- Web marketing
- Programming
- Computer Science (Associate degree)
The University of the People, USA
- Technical exploration and maintenance of electric equipment (Senior Technician diploma) Metallurgical college, Russia
- IELTS 6.5